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SEO Updates

SEO updates are the changes or algorithm adjustments made by search engines like Google and are used to rank websites in search results. It is important to keep up with these updates because they affect the visibility of websites in search results. SEO updates made by Google can affect the ranking of websites in various ways. Some websites see improved ranking, while others may see their ranking decline. The specific impact of an algorithm update will depend on several factors, including the nature of the update, the quality of the website, and the competition in the search results.

Why are SEO Updates required:

Some of the reasons for SEO updates are given below.

  1. Good Quality and Relevant Search Results – SEO Updates help Search Engines refine algorithms and in turn result in good quality, relevant, up-to-date, and accurate search results.
  2. Better User Experience – To provide a better user experience, SEO updates are very important as they can help find websites that are easy to use and navigate on different devices.
  3. Prevent spam and manipulation – By SEO updates search engines can ensure that only high-quality websites are rewarded with high rankings.
  4. Stay updated – People use different ways of searching, so to keep up with those changes search engines require SEO updates.
  5. High-Quality Content – SEO updates encourage the creation of High-Quality, accurate, and relevant content and in turn benefit both the users and website owners.
SEO Optimization

Important changes in the last six months:

April 2023 Update

This update was aimed at recognizing and rewarding reviews that offer in-depth research rather than the basic content that consolidates a bunch of products, services, and other things.

It started on 12th April 2023 and the rollout was completed on 25th April 2023

It was the first Google update that goes beyond the product reviews. Referred to as a ‘reviews system’, it considers the webpages that contain recommendations of products, services, movies, etc. This update is inclined towards E-E-A-T which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

The signals of experience provided in the document are:

  1. Visual Evidence
  2. Quantitative measurements
  3. Audio
  4.  Visual Experience
March 2023 Update

This update is more or less like Feb update. It was aimed at making Google better at identifying good quality content to enhance user experience by providing improved search results. It was focused on high-quality content, user experience, and mobile friendliness. Websites that have well-written and in-depth content, are easy to navigate, use and have quick load time and are mobile responsive are more likely to rank higher.

It started on 15th March 2023 and the rollout was completed on 28th March 2023

As per SEMrush Sensor, the update indicated a very high volatility score of 8.2. Although, this update did not specifically target a particular type of industry or website, the websites that were not optimized as per the best practices might have seen a decline because of this update.

February 2023 Update

This update provides a better understanding of the product review system and the factors used for evaluation. The aim of this update is to filter out low-quality content because it does not provide any value to the users. It only focuses on showing only high-quality content for a better user experience.

It started on 21st Feb 2023 and the rollout was completed on 7th March 2023

This update impacted more than just the English language. There were 10 other languages- Polish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Dutch, Spanish, French, and English

Click on this link to know more about Google Search’s Core Updates

SEO Updates

Effects of SEO updates

SEO updates can affect SEO strategies in a number of ways.

  • Prioritize various factors differently:

This means that an update might start to give more importance to mobile friendliness. To maintain their ranking businesses need to make sure that their website is optimized for these factors.

  • Introduce new factors: 

This means that an update can also introduce new factors for ranking websites. Like, the February 2023 update introduced a new factor that ranks the websites with high-quality product reviews. For this businesses that have product reviews need to ensure that they are optimized for this factor to rank higher.

  • Take action against non-follower websites: 

Because of the updates the websites that are not following best practices can be penalized. Like, a previous update penalized the websites that were using Low-quality links to improve their ranking. In order to avoid the penalty the businesses should make sure that they are using appropriate links.

Tips on how to keep updated with these changes:

1. Follow official Google channels- Google announces its updates through its official channels like blogs, social media accounts, etc. So following these channels can help in getting updates.

2. Follow SEO Experts – There are various SEO experts that provide updates on their social media channels and following them can keep you updated with he latest news.

3. Follow Industry Blogs and Websites – There are various blogs and websites that provide accurate and up-to-date information about these updates. They often cover the latest trends in SEO.

4. Attend SEO Conferences – Attend physical and virtual conferences, webinars, and seminars related to SEO to keep yourself updated.

5. Join SEO Communities – Join various Online SEO communities where there are professionals who discuss all the latest updates and trends in SEO.

6. Subscribe to Newsletters – Newsletters from reliable SEO sources provide up-to-date and relevant information. Subscribing to these newsletters can be beneficial.

7. Use SEO Tools – If you want to stay ahead, invest in various tools that can help you track SEO updates and monitor your website.

8. Network with industry peers – Connect with other professionals from your industry to gain insights into the latest ongoings in SEO.

9. Keep track on SEO News App – Use the apps that can keep you updated with the knowledge of SEO.

10. Get involved with continuous learning – There are different platforms that can be used for continuous learning about SEO. Watch video tutorials or take online courses related to SEO for skills enhancement.


In a rapidly changing digital space, staying updated with SEO changes is a necessity. Search engines keep changing their algorithm for better user experience and hence businesses should be vigilant to stay competitive. By keeping an eye on SEO updates and maintaining an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, businesses can not only survive but thrive, securing their digital presence and capitalizing on the ever-evolving opportunities the online world presents.

To make your website compatible with the updates, contact our team.

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